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into a Superduty!

Safely haul more in your pickup while maintaining Federal and Provincial axle weight compliances.

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Built to last!

Each WDT909 Trailer is Made in Canada and handbuilt with quality parts from only Canada and the U.S.A.

We understand how important long-term reliability and safety are when hauling. That is why each unit is built to last.


Pre-Orders Are Open!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the WDT909 Trailer. The projected delivery date is set for Spring 2022.

The estimated cost per trailer will be between $9000 to $9200 CAD. With a $3500 CAD deposit required.

By clicking the button you will be prompted to email. In the subject line type “Preorder request”.

Never feel unsafe or uncompliant again!

“I wish I could haul more in my truck.”

How many times have you said this to yourself as you load your truck with that heavy load? As it lays on your truck bed you can see your suspension strain under the weight. The sagging is visible but what awaits is even worse. Driving.

The WDT909 eases any fears you may have driving your truck under heavy loads.

Built for people who haul extra loads in their light-duty pickup trucks, our product will give you superior vehicle stability under load. Our patented weight distribution trailer WDT909 is a revolutionary new way of distributing axle weight for safety & compliance.

It is a revolutionary self-contained single axle follow steer trailer that automatically transfers rear axle weight to the front axle and trailer axle making your vehicle safer and in compliance with federal axle weight requirements while maximizing your vehicle’s carrying capacities.

Giving you peace of mind and safety when driving your truck with heavy loads.


Exceeding your GVWR is unsafe and costly.

Overloading your truck’s GVWR causes many problems like front axle lifting causing your headlights aimed in the wrong direction. You will also experience steering and stability issues which affect overall control and braking. Resulting in unsafe driving conditions, higher maintenance costs, and steep fines when you are caught for being over your GVWR.

Our WDT909 has a registered GVW of 1999 pounds or 909 kg. This allows you to increase the carrying capacity in CGVW regulations up to an additional 1500 pounds or 682 kg.

Bill’s Camper Test – January 22, 2023

  • 2019 DODGE RAM 3500 DUALLY
  • FRONT GAWR 5500LB/2495KG
  • REAR GAWR 7000LB/3176KG
  • OEM cargo capacity 4085 LB/ 1853 KG

For this test, we modified the length of the hitch shank by 6 inches.

Clearance was adequate to clear rear of camper with minor elevation changes.  We traveled to a nearby government weigh station to weigh unit and axle weights. The following weights were recorded:

Unit weight without Weight Distribution trailer:

GVW- 11550LB/ 5250 KG front GAW 4356 LB/1980 KG rear GAW 7172 LB/ 3260 KG

As in the picture the road conditions were ideal for control and stability test due to the very icy roads. When we arrived at the weigh station Bill had stated that he did notice a substantial improvement in handling and smoother ride (bucking decreased).

With some minor adjusting due to the camper being loaded when setting the WDT, we did not have the actual unladen receiver to ground height which is how we would set shank position. These were the results of weight transfer with the truck air bags deflated:

Front axle with WDT deactivated.

OEM GAWR 2495 kg     Actual 1980 kg = 515 kg under

Front axle with WDT activated.

2180 kg = 315 kg under

Rear axle with WDT deactivated.

OEM GAWR 3176 Actual 3470 kg = 294 kg over

Rear axle with WDT activated

2870 kg = 306 kg under

WDT deactivated.

OEM GVW  909 kg 210 kg

WDT activated.

520 kg = 389 kg under.

Conclusion of test results would be:

Due to the load position and OEM specifications, we removed an excess of 294 kgs from the over loaded rear axle to the front axle and increased the front axle by 200 kgs balancing out the units axle weights to increase stability, braking, headlight aiming and comfort. We also transferred 310 kg to the WDT. Our calculations to add additional weight with out exceeding OEM on the truck or WDT are an additional 50 kg to the front axle, 30 kg to the rear axle and 70 kgs to the WDT. This basically would increase the cargo capacity legally and in compliance with OEM by 754 kg or 1658 lbs.

This testing was informative to our designing, and we are now changing some geometrics to allow more weight to be transferred to the WDT to maximize the weight transfer to utilize the additional 389 kgs.

Because we have the manufacturers cargo capacity information, we can calculate that the curb weight of this unit is approximately 7299 lbs/ 3318 kgs.

Even though we are only 173 lbs/79 kgs over the OEM GVW, the fact is that we are 547 lbs/294 kgs over on the rear axle. This excess weight could try to be placed in the cab area towards the front, but how much weight would be placed to the front axle?

I’m confident in my patented design that the WDT does what we claim and has many advantages to the light duty truck operators.

The WDT909 solves all your issues.

Classified as a self-contained single axle follow steer trailer, our patented WDT909 is a revolutionary new way of distributing axle weight so you can drive safely and be compliant with federal axle weight requirements while maximizing your vehicle’s carrying capacity.

Haul an extra 1500lbs

Maintain OEM vehicle geometry under load

Safe vehicle stability under load

Little to no maintenance required

Less wear on front end and steering components

Less stress on rear axle components while under load

Maintain federal and provincial axle weight compliance

Prevents front end deterioration

Improves handling and stability under load

Keeps caster true to centre

Maintain centre of balance

Stabilizes load distribution for maximum performance under braking


  • Fully automated system
  • No guesswork with installation
  • Automatically balances to your vehicle
  • Training and demonstration on how to connect and disconnect your unit included with your purchase
  • Presets itself from your truck ignition
  • Included Key fob remote for setting your unit
  • Pivots and adapts to changes of elevation between axles
  • Intelligent weight distribution

How It Works

Once connected and activated to your pickup, it automatically distributes the weight to each axle to the maximum GAWR your vehicle is rated for.

As you add or remove cargo, you simply turn the ECM memory off with the supplied remote, remove or add your cargo and it will adjust the weight to all axle proportionally. Once it has adjusted the weights, you simply press the remote to activate the ECM memory and it will maintain those axle weight inputs.

Even as you travel over elevation changes, such as a driveway, it still automatically maintains those axle weight settings. With properly proportioned axle weights it increases your stability, braking, and ride performance.

It is brake test certified to stop well under federal requirements with the additional 1500 pounds added to the tow vehicle.

Pre-Orders Are Open!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the WDT909 Trailer. The projected delivery date is set for Spring 2022.

The estimated cost per trailer will be between $9000 to $9200 CAD. With a $3500 CAD deposit required.

By clicking the button you will be prompted to email. In the subject line type “Preorder request”.

Built for:
Half-Ton to 1-Ton Pickup Trucks

Used by:

Hotshot Companies
Truck Camper Haulers
Heavy Duty Mechanics
Fleet Operators
Flatbed Trucks with Small Cranes
Individuals who haul heavy loads

Hi, I’m Laurie Stross, President of Canadian Load Divider Dollies and Inventor of the revolutionary new Weight Distribution Trailer. Despite being a young company, we know we’re about to change the way North Americans use light-duty trucks and vehicles, forever.

With this new product, we hope to create a more efficient way for operators to their load vehicles to the best possible capacity, while educating them on the importance of axle weight safety.

But that’s just the start. We have many more innovative projects in progress, currently geared toward improving road and driver safety and experience, while complying with industry standards.

A Word From our Customers

“I first learned of the Weight Distributing Trailer, also known as the WDT and its inventor/builder Laurie Stross from an article I read in Truck Camper Magazine. I also read the magazine’s reader reactions to the article and then Laurie’s responses to their concerns. I had been looking for a way to bring my Ram 3500 long box, SRW and a Northern Lite 10-2 into compliance regarding axle weights and GVWR so I thought this was an option worth investigating.

In the fall of 2022, on our way home to Alberta from a trip to Ontario we arranged to meet Laurie in Edmonton and have a look at one of his trailers. We met at his shop and were immediately impressed with Laurie’s knowledge of the issues faced by many truck camper owners regarding overloading. The WDT seemed to be an answer to several of the load related problems we were experiencing. The device is designed to move weight from the rear axle (most often the one that’s overloaded) to both the front axle and to the WDT itself. In addition, it solves the level ride situation most often addressed with air bags. However, air bags only lift the rear end of the truck and do nothing to relieve the overload that is often on the rear axle under heavy loads. The weight distributing trailer offered so much more and we were impressed by Laurie’s commitment to quality, safety and engineering excellence.

We arranged to meet later in the fall to try it with the loaded camper on the truck and to meet at the scales near our house to determine what it could do for us. We first weighed the front and rear axles of the truck and camper combination without the WDT hooked up and then with the trailer connected. The WDT did exactly what it was designed to do and the difference was dramatic.  We found that without the WDT being activated but with the airbags filled, the truck sat level. However, my unit was about 1500 pounds light on the steering axle and 1200 pounds over on the rear axle. We were also about 950 pounds over the GVW as per OEM specifications.

Since Laurie had promised to have the WDT delivered to us by our departure date of August 28, 2023 the control valve and ECM were not completed yet. He mentioned that although it would not be at 100 percent efficiency it would be safe for our trip and mentioned some things to monitor. Working at only about 60 percent of the trailer’s efficiency, we did manage to bring down our axle weights within compliance but we were still over our GVW by 475 pounds.

We then took the combination for a drive on the highway with the trailer still hooked up and this experience is what sealed the deal! We felt a very significant improvement in ride quality, especially regarding what I call “bucking” which is a very annoying detriment to enjoying the drive! This led to our decision to purchase a WDT before we left for our ten week trip to the east coast that summer and fall of 2023.
Our experience on this trip confirmed that we made the right decision! The trailer performed perfectly over 15,500 kilometres and did everything we hoped it would. In addition, we discovered that it made a vast improvement in handling heavy crosswinds and rut-tracked highways – wonderful and unexpected benefits!
The other unexpected experience was how excited people were along the way. At every fuel stop and campground people came up to us to find out about this amazing invention. What is it, is it certified for highway use, where did we get it and how do we get one were the most common questions. We had quite a few drivers follow us at close quarters while they tried to figure it out and one who waited in his car so he could talk to us after we returned from shopping and lunch!

Laurie has the WDT back at his facility in Edmonton for the updates he promised. He said if we were impressed with the way it was on our trip, we will be very impressed with the updated version. We look forward to our next trip, to Alaska.”

– Bill Boyd
2019 Ram 3500 6.4 litre 

Have a question or want to learn more?


Want to learn more about our trailers?

If you have a question or inquiry, please contact Laurie Stross.

Toll Free: 1-888-477-5805

Email: laurie@cldd.ca


What are your brake testing numbers?

30 km/h within 12 meters required.

Actual 30 km/h within 6.69 – 7.73 m (-4.27m)

96.6 km/h within 73.78 required

Actual 96.6 km/h within 56.58 -58.98 (-14.80)

Loaded to 4043 kgs – 709 kgs above OEM GVW.

Stopping distance improvement:

GCVW 3667 Kgs. 333 kgs over OEM GVW

With WDT909 activated @ 96.6 km/h 52.73 m

With WDT909 deactivated @ 96.6 km/h 58.14                

Stop distance act. Diff (- 5.41 m) (-17′ 8.9″)

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