Safely haul more

While maintaining Federal and Provincial axle weight compliances.

Built for Half-Ton to
1-Ton Pick-up Trucks.

Built explicitly for people who haul extra loads in their half-ton to 1-ton pickup trucks, our product will give you superior vehicle stability under load. Our patent-pending Weight Distribution Trailer is a revolutionary new way of distributing axle weight for safety & compliance.

Exceeding your GVWR is unsafe and costly.

Overloading your truck’s GVWR causes many problems like front axle lifting causing your headlights aimed in the wrong direction. You will also experience steering and stability issues which affect overall control and braking. Resulting in unsafe driving conditions, higher maintenance costs, and steep fines when you are caught for being over your GVWR.

Our Weight Distribution Trailer (WDT)
solves all your issues.

Classified as a trailer, Our patent-pending Weight Distribution Trailer is a revolutionary new way of distributing axle weight so you can drive safely and be compliant when you are pulled to a weigh station.

Haul an extra 1000lbs

Maintain OEM vehicle geometry under load

Safe vehicle stability under load

Little to no maintenance required

Less wear on front end and steering components

Less stress on rear axle components while under load

Maintain federal and provincial axle weight compliance

Prevents front end deterioration

Improves handling and stability under load

Keeps caster true to centre

Maintain centre of balance

Stabilizes load distribution for maximum performance under braking


  • Fully automated system
  • No guesswork with installation
  • Automatically balances to your vehicle
  • Training and demonstration on how to connect and disconnect your unit included with your purchase
  • Presets itself from your truck ignition
  • Included Key fob remote for setting your unit
  • Pivots and adapts to changes of elevation between axles
  • Intelligent weight distribution

Built for:
Half-Ton to 1-Ton Pickup Trucks

Used by:

Hotshot Companies
Truck Camper Haulers
Heavy Duty Mechanics
Fleet Operators
Flatbed Trucks with Small Cranes
Individuals who haul heavy loads

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